Friday, May 23, 2008

bears, beets, battlestar galactica

i need something write about so i am stealing fun fact friday from tessie.

  • FACT: i have never mowed a lawn. in my LIFE. it seems intriguing, but i know the novelty will wear off about three seconds into my first venture.
  • FACT: my dad was an only child who lost both parents by age 11. i have NO idea about that side of my family. like, at ALL.
  • SAD FACT: my dad's mother died when she was 44 (OF WALKING PNEUMONIA, PEOPLE!)and my dad died in a motorcycle accident at 44 also. creepy, right? side fact: i am NOT looking forward to that age.
  • FACT: i can change a flat tire in under five minutes. i think i've had more flat tires than anyone. ever. in life.
  • FACT: my mom took my sister and i to an NKOTB concert in another state when i was 15 (shut up, i know i was too old to like them.) in her beat up OMNI (side note: do they even MAKE THOSE anymore??) and we had to leave early because she was afraid it might break down and didn't want to be stuck on the side of the road at night with children. i CRIED and PITCHED A FIT because i didn't want to leave. FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.
  • FACT: my husband speaks spanish.
  • FACT: i have never seen any of the godfather movies OR the scarface movies OR dances with wolves OR gladiator OR ::insert epic movie here:: because violence makes me throw up.
  • FACT: i won a dr. suess book from smokey the bear in second grade for my fire prevention poster.i was OUT SICK the day he came to my SCHOOL TO GIVE IT TO ME. fucker.
  • FACT: i used to wonder what i would do in the event that my house caught fire in the middle of the night and i could only choose ONE thing to save. my hypothetical choices were: tom (of tom & jerry fame) stuffed animal, jerry (of tom & jerry fame) stuffed animal, or my sister (who is 5 years younger than me). i always chose tom. incidentally that is also my husband's name. i never chose my sister. sorry, mel.
  • FACT: BEARS EAT BEETS. edited to correct my wording from "like" to "eat" and provide the PROOF below!
  • FACT: i was born on memorial day!


Pickles & Dimes said...

These were fun! :)

Bears like beets???

stephanie said...

whoops! i forgot that not everyone is an office freak. another FUN FACT! :)