Thursday, May 22, 2008

four dollars and seven cents


that is what i paid for gas last night. that is just ridiculous. i see a vespa in my future. ok, probably not, but COME ON. i am now very glad that tom drives the jeep (grand cherokee) and i drive the beat up old civic. heh. though i remember when i could fill that tank for eleven bucks! (i know, nice story, grandma!) it's like FORTY now.

damn it.

in other news, my bank also "compromised" my name, social security number AND bank account. awesome!

whatever. it's almost the weekend and almost my birthday (GUESS HOW OLD I'LL BE!), AND it's a long weekend which is OBVIOUSLY in honor of my birthday, so i'm still happy.

oh and we had a bake sale at work and i stole half a piece of unbelievable chocolate cake from my co-worker. yum.


Pickles & Dimes said...

$4.07? GAH!

Will you be 28? (Just guessing.)

And do you work for Legos???

stephanie said...

Shauna, you are SO SWEET. Wrong, but sweet. I was 28 EONS ago. Sigh.

And I totally forgot I did a "GUESS WHERE I WORK" but yeah, I work for LEGO. Obvs, right? We got to see the new Indy movie two nights ago. WOO HOO!