Wednesday, May 28, 2008


today is our home and septic/well inspection. i am VERY excited, but also so nervous. why do i read all these message boards with inspection horror stories? UGH.

the seller's agent is going to be there and has been pretty vocal about not wanting us to use a certain septic inspector -- and we are using that one. 1) she can't dictate who we use and 2) it's who tom's parents use, so it's not like we chose them to be spiteful.

my question is WHY? WHY does she not want us to use this place? is there something WRONG with the septic that only THEY would catch? is there a DEAD BODY in there? (oooh maybe we could get some csi up in there. paging nick stokes!) is my new back yard FULL of sewage? AHHHHHH! i'm so afraid of what will happen. the house is only 23 years old.

please ease my fears with tales of your amazing and happily-ever-after inspections.

i might puke.


Tessie said...

Don't worry man. The inspection is a GOOD thing, if you are the buyer, and I have rarely heard of anything truly surprising happening.

I think I might specifically ASK about the septic deal, though, because that does seem a little shady.

DEAD BODY! So awesome. Definitely tell us if that happens.

Manager Mom said...

Well, our radon inspection was...oh wait, nope. Exceeded the recommended limits and had to install a system. Our electrical inspection was...nope, had to rewire the whole damn house.

I got nothing.

Connecticut, huh? Me too. I am going to go out on a limb and guess your toy company starts with M&D.

We are having a blogger meetup in Stamford on June 13 for happy hour, drop me a line if you're interested...

stephanie said...

Everything actually came back fine. My company doesn't start with M&D and I'm not in the Stamford area, or I'd totally be down. Thanks for the invite!