Thursday, May 29, 2008


the inspection went very well! woot! only found a few small things that are easily fixable. even by ME, if necessary. ha!

i think tom wants to change careers to work as a septic guy (or whatever the heck they are called). he was more interested in this portion of the inspection extravaganza than ANY other. i'm like learning about insulation and ventilation and water pressure and here's tom:
poop! yay!
hello, dream fridge. i cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

bottom freezer!!!


Tessie said...


And that IS a dream fridge.

Brett said...

so exciting!
is that the back yard? that looks AMAZING. especially compared to my 16x7 slab. haha!!

stephanie said...

Yep, it is part of the backyard. I'll post some more yard pics!

Swistle said...

HOME BUYING IS SO STRESSFUL! At least there is a Dream Fridge involved.