Thursday, June 05, 2008


gah! i am never buying another house ever. EVER. this shit is so fucking ANNOYING. i can't take the nit picky back and forth.

here is my last week and a half:

  • inspection last wednesday. house looks great! everything found is small potatoes. yay! but we find out that they want us to put an offer on the shed. the shed that was specifically excluded from the contract. our guess is they thought they could take it and when they realized what a pain in the ass it would be, they wanted to sell it. we said no thanks but if they ripped up the lawn trying to get it out, they'd need to reseed it.
  • friday: oh shit, we have radon in the well water.
  • monday: we ask for every repair noted on inspection AND an aeration radon mitigation system, at the suggestion of our realtor.
  • tuesday: sellers respond with a big fuck you in the form of $1000 credit and you can have the shed. we get pissed, want to tell them to shove the shed up their collective asses. have argument for the ages. decide to respond with three things: mitigation system OR credit in the amount it will cost for us to install it, water pump gauge fix and water heater valve fix. also? fuck your shed. but more nicely.
  • wednesday: they let us stew. all day.
  • thursday afternoon: they respond: pump fixed, valve fixed and credit at closing in the amount it will cost to have the system installed. also? would we like to buy the shed for $2000? SERIOUSLY WITH THE FUCKING SHED!??!?! (apparently it's a $5000+ shed). our immediate response is: SERIOUSLY WITH THE FUCKING SHED!?!?!? but we think we probably will need one at some point ANYWAY. if we say no, will they just leave it for free? should we counter with half that amount? i seriously don't ever want to hear the word "shed" again.
  • and now? we wait.

i am SO TIRED OF THIS. i thought i was going to cry because of the pride of finally owning my very first home. i am going to cry just out of emotional exhaustion and delight when this is finally OVER. i feel like yelling for tom to SWEEP THE LEG, JOHNNY!!


Tessie said...

I cannot believe they are acting like the shed is a fucking GUEST HOUSE or something.

That is the most bizarre thing I have ever HEARD.

Hope it's over soon.

stephanie said...


Pickles & Dimes said...

Say no to the shed. Obviously they don't want the hassle of removing it and are hoping to get some money out of the deal. I hope this ends soon!

(We had our own shed story. When we bought the house, the furniture downstairs was put in the living room BEFORE they altered the doorway, making it too big to get out. They wanted us to pay for the furniture. We said HELL NO, we don't even like the color (not true). So they left it. HA!)

Becky said...

Hey there.
I was kind of afraid to ask you how it was going, so I came here. :)

Thomas said...

So sorry, Steph.