Wednesday, June 04, 2008

tick tock tick tock

wait, did i already use this subject title? i am too lazy to check, so i apologize if i did. and i apologize that it's lame either way.

we are still waiting on the asshole seller. apparently there is a plumber at the house THIS VERY MOMENT completing some of the tasks we requested (but were told to f off about, basically) AND his agent said they are going to credit us in the amount it will cost to install the mitigation system. it's not in writing yet, so i'm not getting excited. yesterday was TERRIBLE.

seriously. seller? you better HOPE you don't run into me in whole foods after this is all said and done.

in somewhat better news, i got a new chair at work today! it's SO FANCY. i felt like i DID win the lottery when they brought it over.

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