Tuesday, June 03, 2008

paging all good luck vibes...

shock. sellers are being a total thorn in my EYE.

JUST PAY FOR THE SYSTEM. please. PLEASE don't make me have to convince my husband that we shouldn't walk away from the house because of this.

this, among other unsavory happenings over the last few days really have my insides in knots. i think i may be feeling entitled which ALSO has my stomach in knots (because i HATE entitlement. HATE IT.), but i'm just going to bitch it out and maybe get over myself??

we, as individuals and as a couple, have been through the fucking RINGER in ways i've discussed on here and in ways that are just too private to mention and i think we are DUE for a change in the weather. i don't want to win the fucking lottery. i don't want more than anyone else. i don't want to have things at someone else's expense or that i didn't earn.

PSA: i know that we are incredibly fortunate people. believe me, i do. so PLEASE don't tell me it could be worse. i know it could. i watch extreme makeover home edition. I GET IT.

sellers, please. this house isn't just the pot of gold at the end of the stupid rainbow for me, it is the WHOLE RAINBOW.

note: could i have more analogies here? i sound like a total idiot. i know. i'm just in such a sad, sad state today. if any of you have any good luck vibes to spare, i'd appreciate them. not just for this.


Tessie said...

GOOD LUCK, man. And hang in there.

I fucking hate those "it could be worse" people. That is OH SO HELPFUL.

Pickles & Dimes said...

Oh, I hope they pay for the system. (Crosses fingers)

I agree with Tessie, the "it could be worse" people ARE the worst. It's not a contest! Things that suck, suck. Regardless of someone else's sucktastic situation.

stephanie said...

thanks, you guys. it's just been a sucktastic week. STILL WAITING, BTW.