Thursday, July 10, 2008

how crazy am i?


  • painting three bedrooms in two days
  • flying to denver for 5 days a week before moving
  • working two jobs the entire week before the move
  • packing an entire apartment at night in four days

aaaaand the kicker? bringing BOTH cats to the vet two nights before moving day. those bastards claw the shit out of everything INCLUDING my WALLS, so we're having nail caps put on their front claws tonight. you TECHNICALLY can do this yourself, but i value my life so i'm having the vet do it. relax, peta freaks, it's NOT GOING TO HURT THEM.

i just hope it doesn't take 40 hours to get them done tonight because hi, i have SHIT TO DO (see above).

also, what color caps should we get? simon is a boy and keli is a girl. if it helps, he is an annoying, clingy, lovable mush and she is a straight up bitch. CHOOSE!

ETA: they are NOT to make the cats LOOK better, because i clearly don't care about that. it's so they don't rip my new house to shreds.


Tessie said...

I like the ones that look like they could be KITTY NAIL POLISH. Like, pink for the girl and blue for the boy? BORING. I dunno.

I bought softpaws for our dogs once but never got the balls to attempt to put them on.

Pickles & Dimes said...

I vote green for Simon and orange for Keli.

Keli, by the way, looks like she should never be messed with - hee!

Also, that is a TON of stuff you have to do. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear baby jesus, those descriptions are cracking me the fuck up. A french manicure for a cat? It "screams class?" Are those people smoking crack?

I think they're a great idea, but I'd only do the white.

stephanie said...

Erica, come ON! White or clear is NO FUN AT ALL.

Maybe I could get the Texas flag?

manager mom said...

Lee press-on claws for, I really HAVE seen everything.

Brett said...

if keli is a "straight up bitch" you best get her nails did right. and by that, i mean airbrushed with "keli" in fancy lettering. and tip the "i" of wit some rhinestones. hayyyy. keli be lookin fly, girl! mmrrrowww!!

Anonymous said...

I say the pink/gray "french manicure" for keli and the light blue for simon. it would look nice on him. like a pale blue tuxedo. ;)
although, I completley agree with Brett...Keli really needs to have them airbrushed.

Swistle said...

I would get light blue for Simon and hot pink for Keli.