Monday, July 14, 2008

flip mode

i'm flippin it on ya. i'm going to pull a fun fact MONDAY edition, since i have a lot of RANDOM stuff.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand GO!

  • after all the cat madness, the vet didn't end up giving them softpaws. he said it's a lot of maintainence and that i should try feliway first. FINE. i had to order it, since they didn't have it in stock there. also? they want me to BRUSH the cats' TEETH. yeah, i'll get right on that, you loon.
  • we brought the cats over to the house friday night, thinking it would be less traumatic to move them before the movers came. we initially decided to keep them in the basement (it's semi-finished, RELAX!) but when simon jumped up INTO the ceiling due to exposed insulation down there, we had to re-think this option. so, they ended up in the office for the night. they have since taken full ownership of the entire house (minus the basement).
  • the move went well on saturday. the movers were like MAGICIANS or something because they were NOT big guys, yet one of them moved my loveseat BY HIMSELF. down TWO FLIGHTS of stairs. WTF!?
  • i can't figure out how to hook up my fucking cable. so listen, we "upgraded" to an lcd hang-on-the-wall thing, which is OBVS HD and OBVS nothing i've ever had before. so instead of hooking up my regularly scheduled dvr/digital cable/surround sound, i have this new fangled hdtv with an hdmi or whateverthehellit'scalled cable, and another red/blue/green cable and ANOTHER red/white/yellow cable, though the DIRECTIONS call for red/silver and WHAT THE HELL, i don't HAVE one of those, and also the actual cable. or COAXIAL as the geeks call it. whatever. it doesn't work. AND while i was able to hook up my cable modem, MY WIRELESS WON'T WORK. i'm so over technology.
  • i bought two hanging flowers for the deck and my husband ACTUALLY threatened me if i don't take care of them because they were expensive. YOU HAVE PROOF now if i end up missing. show the police this, please.
  • we got our new front loading lg washer/dryer and they are so space-age, i'm afraid to use them. i just turn them on and off and listen to the little song they play. again with the techno-phobia. (did i mention that i work on the WORLD WIDE WEB for a living? i really should be better at the tech shit. whatever.)
  • speaking of the internets, in a show of solidarity for one of my fave bloggers, erica, i'm going to join her fast. JOIN! JOIN!
  • what else? oh yeah, VACATION IN FIVE DAYS. hello, vermont wilderness.


Tessie said...

Dude, my cable SITCH is seriously in DISARRAY right now. I have ONE working cable box, out of THREE (shut up!), and no time to go exchange the two bums boxes, and GAH!

Becky said...

So, I'm stalking your blog now to get updates on the move. I'm afraid to call you too often (stalker) since you are obviously very busy and I'm obviously...not. The cats in the ceiling thing doesn't surprise me, but this FASTING/ LIQUID DIET thing?! Whaaa? Dude.

P.S. My hanging plant is still hanging outside my door, deader than a doornail. It's actually crunchy. No one sees it but us and the old man, though. Can't get away with that shit in Glastonbury. ;)

stephanie said...

tessie: at least ONE of them is working! i am DVR-LESS right now, man!!!

becky: oh like tom cares about g'bury. he cares that we dropped mad dolla billz on FLOWERS. also? hell to the YES on the fasting. just whilst erica finishes her fast. i drink slimfast shakes for lunch already, so let's GET IT POPPIN!

Pickles & Dimes said...

Dude, Feliway worked wonders on our cats. We are now without a Feliway diffuser and the cats were fine for awhile, but they are slowly coming back to their STATUS AT NIGHTTIME: ANNOYING ways.

My husband also threatens me regarding our plants dying. Just because the ONE TIME years ago I voluntarily let some plants die because I was sick of watering them.

Danse said...

Wow. I just wanted to say that I'm a loon and have been brushing my dogs teeth for a little while now. Yea, it sucks, but I'd rather not pay to have them professionally cleaned.

Oh, and I already killed a hanging plant this year...doh!

stephanie said...

p&d: good news about the feliway! we're going to use the spray to deter the scratching and HELLO! i didn't know the diffuser would keep them from being assholes at night! ADDING TO CART!

danse: oh i don't think he's a loon for the IDEA of brushing their teeth, it's just hi, he's MET these beasts and if i can't put nail caps on them myself, WHY would he think they'd let me MANHANDLE their MOUTHS!? i opted for some oxi whatever additive to their water instead.