Thursday, September 25, 2008

hard to get back to it

i'm OUT of the blog habit so it's difficult to get back to it. i'm shameful. sigh. so here's my Latest Lame Update!!

this morning we had the electrician FINALLY come to install a socket and circuit (or some such nonsense) for the radon mitigation system that was PAINSTAKINGLY installed like two months ago. i'd link to the post about it, but i don't want to bore you to death before you finish THIS boring post.

apparently there is water in the basement. um. there was no such water when we moved in or for the month and a half afterwards and believe you me, we had SEVERAL rainstorms during that time period. i have deduced it is from the installation of the mitigation system. um, mr. installation guy? yeah, you better get yo ass back and fix that!

what else? i started pilates. hi, i am SO OUT OF SHAPE. it's embarrassing. also? humiliating.

oooh and i'm getting my hair cut tonight. i'm thinking of making A Change. tune in tomorrow for pics!!!

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