Monday, September 22, 2008

world's best blogger wasn't available...

so yeah, i suck, BUT i have a michael scott mouse pad, so SUCK IT! i also bought tom a WORLD'S BEST BOSS mug for work since all of his employees pretty much hate him.


let's see, well... not too much else has been going on here in the last few weeks. it's finally fall so i got to put mums out on my front step! whee! um. what else?

cottage weekend 2008 was saturday and jeff brought an OFFICIAL beerpong table. like seriously. and also? he's 33.

i'll post more about that when cronin's lazy ass sends me some pics.

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Becky said...

Note to self: still have to go to Target to look for Office paraphernalia.

Cromwell, CT saying, PEACE OUT.