Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a few of my fave things

like oprah, except i don't have any to give you and plus, you might not even LIKE my fave things.

  1. holiday flavors: gingerbread, peppermint, pumpkin spice.... YES!
  2. strawberry cream cheese. holy hell, i love this.
  3. my down comforter because my scrooge mcduck husband keeps the heat on 12 degrees F
  4. cinnamon life cereal.
  5. almost every crime show known to MAN: csi, svu, cold case and my new MUST SEE TV: criminal minds. i know it's not new, but DAMN i can't get enough lately.
  6. my fugly uggs. heaven on my feet.
  7. the voicemails my nephew leaves me. this one in particular:
    hunter: hi, auntie? it's me hunter. i'm with tom and i just wanted to say OH MY GOD we just saw a deer in the road. like in REAL LIFE. and we almost hit it!!! i love you, i miss you. hasta la vista!!
  8. my velour track suit from old navy. OH MY GOD i could wear it 24/7. HAYYY!
  9. when i remember to set the coffeepot at night and wake up to fresh coffee. it's almost like having a maid!
  10. barack obama.


kirida said...

I'm with you on all these things. Especially the velour track suits. I still have the one I bought from Express that was so popular. What's so wrong with velour? It's comfortable, it's classy and who cares J. Lo wore it?

Becky said...

I totally am with you on almost everything except peppermint and crime shows. And while I agree with you, this is totally fyi: it's a good thing you are married, because talking about "velour track suits" isn't going to get you a date anytime soon. Everything about that is wrong-sounding. Which isn't to say I don't own one AND F'ING LOVE IT!! Yeah velour track suits! And mine is GRAY. Seriously? Fuuuuugly.

stephanie said...

um hi. i wore my velour track suit TO WORK TODAY with a whistle around my neck and said i was dressed up as a gym teacher for halloween.



egan said...

I'm a big fan of holiday beverages. The gingersnap latte rocks.