Tuesday, October 28, 2008


i'm SORRY. i've been preoccupied. you know, with LIFE and shit!??!

no excuse. right now i should be getting ready for work. it's 7:30am. HELLO?!?! i should be leaving in a half hour. i am still in my awesome velour track suit (hello, old navy, i love you.) cat on lap, blogging with a cup of coffee and the rain beating down on our skylight, so ARE YOU HAPPY NOW, BECKY????


i am!

ok, the biggest pain in my ass right now is tree-related. tom HAD to buy a house with a giant (1 acre is giant to me, OK?!) yard, that backs up onto the woods with a LOOOOOT of trees.

well that bastard now claims he needs all manner of lawn equipment to care for said lawn and can i just say that takes money away from SPA TREATMENTS. many, many leaves are on our lawn. we have one measly rake and a tiny leaf blower. they are NO MATCH for our lawn.

everyone else in our neighborhood has raked, so the pressure is on. the neighbor across the street has this ginormous leaf blower that looks like a lawn mower and could straight up blow me to maine. i threw down my rake (i totally raked for like four minutes) and said fuck it. buy one of those bitches. pedicures be damned.

and that's your lame update for today.


Pickles and Dimes said...

I totally hate raking. There is a point (and it varies every time) during raking where I get Raking Fatigue and just want to say, "Screw it," and then there's still 14 more bags to fill.

We have a leaf blower thingy and it is HEAVY. Plus it doesn't hold that many leaves in its itty bitty bag.

stephanie said...

P&D... this leaf blower is on WHEELS!!! and it just blows them into a pile. Like say, on a big tarp that we can then just carry into the woods and DUMP!!!


My HAIR DRYER works better than the puny one we have now -- and it is also way too heavy!!

Raking=not my favorite part of home ownership.

Becky said...

I feel you about the trees. Dude, a WHOLE TREE fell in my yard Sat. night. Right on the spot where our $600 brand-new (snort) pickup was parked just a week ago.

We bought a little leaf blower when we first moved into our house. Have you seen the leaves at my house? It was like standing in the middle of the yard and yawning on it. That's how effective it was. And raking? Raking shmaking. Tom just mows our leaves. Problem solved.

And HA! I made you post!