Saturday, January 10, 2009

so pissed.

tom got me these DELIGHTFULLY warm and cozy l.l. bean slippers for christmas. i mean, they are RIDICULOUS looking, but i don't care. they are heaven.

only problem is, they fit HIM, they are waaay too big for me.

so, we trek over there last night to exchange them and i saw two pairs labeled small. one was in a package and one was out (obvs. a return), so i tried on the open ones and yahoo! they fit! so, i BOUGHT the packaged ones. (incidentally, tom ended up KEEPING THE OTHERS FOR HIMSELF!)

i get home, jump into pjs, SO excited to put on my new slippers. take them out of the package and have to JAM my feet into them. WTF? i turn them over? They are XXS!!!! in a S package. fuckers.

i'm going back today, but they're on clearance now and there was only that ONE other open pair. if they are gone, i will WEEP especially now that i have to watch mr. i-buy-you-gifts-that-i-keep-for-myself waltz around in the same ones taunting me!!!

also? i apparently HATE shopping now. i have so much shit to return or exchange for (sigh) BIGGER sizes (sidenote: size MEDIUM maternity LOUNGE pants don't fit me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE???) and i have only been motivated to rest on my couch for months. damn it!


kirida said...

Oh Stephanie. Welcome to the crazy world of maternity clothing. The sizes are all over the place. Sometimes, you'll find that XL is too small and Medium too loose. I ended up just wearing mumu's toward the end because they were the only things that fit. That and bedsheets made into maternity togas.

stephanie said...

You know, Mona... you are RIGHT. I bought two pairs of maternity pants last night at the Gap. A pair of khakis in size 8, which is my normal size. I tried on jeans in size 8 and YEAH, not so much. Size 12 ended up being the winner, and those bitches won't last more than a couple months before I'll need bigger ones!

Danse said...

I just wanted to say that while I love the Gap - their sizing is totally unpredictable. Enjoy the couch, that's pretty much all there is to do in this mess anyway.