Monday, January 12, 2009

didn't we just move in?

i feel like we did, since the house is still SO unfinished. how am i just noticing this now? we've owned it since june. so what, seven months? we JUST got an area rug for the upstairs living room. WHAT A DIFFERENCE. it's like grown ups live there now! and also? god DAMN those things are expensive!

we still need curtains for the sliders up there. yeah, seven months of NO COVERAGE there. i watch pretty much every crime show known to man and even though this room is on the second floor (with a deck outside that doesn't have stairs. annoying when you are out there? YES. but when you are inside worried about murderers? EXCELLENT.), i'm constantly wondering who's in the woods in the back documenting our every move and just waiting to break in and stab us with screwdrivers (criminal minds? anyone?).

so that's NEXT on the list. i'm exhausted just thinking about it.

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Danse said...

Uhm, I've been in my condo for almost 3 years and STILL have yet to get a curtain for our window next to the door and replace the hideous 80's shades in the kitchen. And we only have sheer coverings in our living room.

I think you're ahead of the game, lol.

I keep meaning to stop in a place in Newington that's supposed to be good for window stuff...