Monday, February 09, 2009

guess whoooooo

we got to see on friday???


friday was our BIG ultrasound... and nope, we did NOT find out the sex. does anyone have a guess based on this delightful, chubby cheeked picture of my AWESOME CHILD????

little bean is a peanut. 27th percentile for growth, but the dr said that's totally normal at this point (i was 18w2d on friday). i have to go back in 5 weeks because due to the baby's position (basically back to my belly) they couldn't get a very good look at the heart (though it was whooshing away at 157 bpm, if THAT influences your guesses at all!) or the umbilical cord.

i am ADDICTED to ultrasounds. they asked me all "we'd reaaaally like it if you could come back..." like i'd say NO?!?!?! hi, i'll come back every week if you want! tom cruise, i am TOTALLY with you on this one!

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