Monday, March 23, 2009

adventures in I'M A TOTAL SHMUCK.

i could throw up. SRSLY throw up.

i got a nice letter in the mail about two weeks ago from my state saying, "hey jackass, you failed to file state taxes in 2004 and guess what? YOU OWE US A LOT OF MONEY."

i was like, whaaaaa? with interest and penalties it comes to like five grand.

so, i threw up. then i filed a continuance so i could check and see if their assessment was correct. IT WAS, OF COURSE.

i realized that i didn't file state taxes for the state i worked in, either, that year (worked in one state, lived in another). so i did all the stuff and it turns out THEY owed ME about FOUR thousand dollars!

which is proof that i am not a delinquent tax evader. i clearly somehow just lost my freakin mind and forgot to file state. i mean, i filed federal. HOW did i forget state? but, i was really excited because i could use that 4k to offset the disgusting 5k i owed my state.

i called this afternoon to verify how i should file and guess what? i missed the FUCKING STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS FOR THIS STATE BY A YEAR. so those assholes get to keep MY money, yet i still have to pay the other state.

i CRIED AT WORK. i'm so incredibly pissed at myself. this affects not only me, but my husband, who didn't even KNOW ME THEN.

i hate this. i pretty much hate me today.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Oh, Stephanie. This sucks SO BAD.

How can there be a statute of limitations on your refund? HOW? Can you double check with someone just to confirm? Seems like it should go both ways; if the feds can come after you for not filing and owing them money, you should be able to still file and get your state refund.

I'm sure if you owed on your state taxes, they'd still be able to come after you.

stephanie said...

Oh I'm sure they could since this OTHER state is doing it.

The best part is I filed federal. Did I then somehow get AMNESIA and FORGET TO FINISH W/ STATES???

Bah. :(

Swistle said...

Oh, I hate THEM. I hate THEM. That is NOT FAIR that there's a statute of limitations on YOU but not on THEM. I HATE THEM. I HATE ALL OF THEM. (Please don't audit me, Them.)

Tess said...

Oh man, I am so sorry about this.

When I was studying for the Tax part of the CPA exam, we were always told that when we didn't know the answer to a question, we should use The Shaft Theory: whatever answer shafts the taxpayer the most is typically the best guess.

stephanie said...

Oh Tess, that is SO HEARTENING.

I'm trying to apply your sunk cost theory and move on, but it's FREAKIN DIFFICULT WHEN ONE STATE HAS FOUR THOUSAND OF MY DOLLARS, DAMMIT.

i'm so stupid. GAH.