Saturday, March 28, 2009



i know! flowers!!!! i didn't even know those were there. we moved in mid-july and these were already gone by then. HEE! so cute. and of COURSE they are purple, since the lady who lived here before was OBSESSED with purple flowers. but, at least these are fareel purple and not freakin LAVENDAR. gag.

ALSO... i bought a wall quote for above the baby's crib. my camera is circa 2003 and has fewer megapixels than MY CELL PHONE so the quality sucks, but whateva. the first one gives a truer picture of the room color and the phrase is easier to read in the second...

"little angel from above" is the beginning of a lullaby my grandmother used to sing to my mom and that my mom sang to us and then to my nephew when he was tiny. i'm really heartbroken to say that i don't remember all the words and i CANNOT find the lyrics online and that sucks.

i mean, it doesn't suck more than the fact that my mom won't be able to actually rock this grandchild and sing to him or her in real life, but it is what it is. and this little quote is a small shout out to her. this bean will know and love you, mom. i promise.

and bonus! shot of my VERY ENTHUSIASTIC husband. he's moving a rock pile that the last lazy owner left on the side of our patio. he's been at it for three hours already and it doesn't even look like he's touched it. poor bastard.


Brett said...

hey! i have not checked the blog in so long! i love the baby's room--juliet's room is that color. bright and cheery! and the phase is super-sweet. well done.

also, bonus with the flowers! i wish flowers could grow out of the cement in the concrete jungle.

Alana said...

Just bounced over to your Blog after reading a comment you left on my friend Crista's Blog. (I'm semi-new to blogging so I love reading other's Blogs) Love the fun background colors, and your sense of humor! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)

stephanie said...

Thanks, Alana! Your comment has inspired me to get off my butt and update this thing!!! :)