Thursday, March 12, 2009

here i am! a month later!

so i'm trying to find stuff that's not baby-related to post about, but there isn't anything, so whatever. here goes.

yesterday i took one of our cats to the vet (simon) because he HAS A DRINKING PROBLEM. he needs cat aa. HAAHHAHAHA. nobody else thinks that's funny? just me? hormones.

anyway, he's been downing an entire bowl of water HIMSELF per day for about 10 days so finally i decided that's PROBABLY a problem. so, i brought him in and $217 later, i have no answers. yet.

they took blood (and BONUS: clipped his talons!) and we should know more friday. apparently the front runners are: diabetes, kidney failure and thyroid issues. the vet didn't think it was his thyroid (i don't remember why) but his left kidney felt large and in charge, so maybe that's it.

i almost CRIED at the thought of him dying. he's 11 and he was my mom's cat, but CRYING??? yeah again? hormones.

OK, so yeah, that ended quickly because when we got home, he tried to MURDER ME in revenge for the vet visit. HELLO, I'M TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE, FUCKER.

i got up from the couch and he darted out from under the coffee table (PERFECTLY TIMED AND SO ON PURPOSE) and i instinctively tried to dodge him and forgot that i weigh 247 times my normal weight and lost my balance. and fell into our sharp, SLATE fireplace.

luckily, i remembered mid-fall that hello, I AM PREGNANT, and turned enough that instead of falling stomach first into the edge of the fireplace, i landed right hip first and caught the rest of myself with my right hand. i'm telling you, EVERY OUNCE OF LOVE FOR THAT CAT DIED IN THAT MOMENT.

it's back now, but holy shit did that hurt.

anyway, see? everything revolves around the baby. no wonder the cat hates me.


Tess said...

One of our dogs pulled me down and made me fall while I was pregnant. I was MURDEROUS with rage.

Glad you're okay. Also, you're ALLOWED to talk about the baby, you know! Sheesh! :-)

Swistle said...

Plus, I'm always kind of HOPING for talk about the baby!