Friday, March 13, 2009

omg. ps, if you watched the game, this isn't really a good recap.

i cannot believe i stayed up last night. for those of you who don't know, i attended the university of connecticut (14 thousand years ago). i am OBSESSED (like many, SMART people) with uconn basketball.

you may have heard from time to time that my huskies are GOOD. they were ranked number one in the country twice this season, even though our best defender has been OUT with a torn miniscus for about two months.

well, last night was the quarter finals in the big east tournament. and they played syracuse. WHO IS MY EVEREST.

i love these match ups. i love the rivalry. i do. but what i don't love is that tip off was at 9:35 IN THE NIGHT TIME. come on, people. i am growing a human. i need SLEEP.

but no, i stayed up. i figure, eh, late night. i'll get to bed around 11:30. around 11:45 the game ends up going into overtime.

and double overtime.

and TRIPLE overtime.


IT GOES INTO A TOTAL OF SIX OVERTIMES. everyone's fouling out on both sides. people i've never HEARD of are coming in. my guys poop out and LOSE TO FUCKING SYRACUSE AT 1:15 (approximately) IN THE MORNING.

i am delirious today. i'm too fucking exhausted to even be very sad about it. but, SIDE NOTE (this is for you, swistle!!): i had NO IDEA how active the baby is in the middle of the night. does this mimic what will be in store for me in a few months? do the sleep/active cycles follow the pattern they have in utero? I AM IN TROUBLE, IF SO. because it was SOLID FUCKING GOLD in there last night.

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Swistle said...

No, don't worry! Most fetuses get all "party down" when the mommy is motionless, because when you move around it rocks the baby to sleep. So, like, the fetus will be active now while you're trying to sleep, but it doesn't mean he/she is a night owl. He/she might BE a night owl, but it's inconclusive so far.

My two quiet in utero babies were my WORST nighttime babies after they were born, although that could be total coincidence.