Friday, March 13, 2009

latest additions to the ipod

just thought i'd share my completely SCHIZO taste in music...
  • heartless ~ kanye west
  • circus ~ brit brit
  • lucky ~ jason mraz & colbie caillat
  • love lockdown ~ kanye west
  • don't stop believing ~ journey
  • lovers in japan ~ coldplay
  • dead and gone ~ t.i. featuring justin timberlake (aka my secret lovah)
  • you're not sorry (csi remix) ~ TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT
  • how do you sleep ~ jesse mccartney (also: shutee)
  • thinking of you ~ katy perry
  • untouched ~ the veronicas
  • come on get higher ~ matt nathanson
  • i will be ~ leona lewis (WHICH MAKES ME CRY THINKING OF MY HUSBAND)

seriously, is this list cause for medical intervention????


Tess said...

Puh-LEEZE, I have Sir Mix-a-lot on my iPod.

Also, you like the JT? Ack!

stephanie said...

Um, have you SEEN HIM DANCE?

Good lord. Yes. I like JT.

Danse said...

How did it take you this long for Journey? Seriously?

If it makes you feel better, I have the Hamster Dance (techno remix) on mine. Oh - and we even used it at the wedding. Heh.

stephanie said...

Danse, it just never occured to me to dl Journey before. Random, right?