Sunday, June 21, 2009

oh hell YES.

that is right. i am excited over a CAMRY. look how SHINY IT IS!!!! and it even has FOUR WHOLE DOORS!!!!

we decided, after finding out that tom's trusty 1999 toyota solara needed a repair that warranted spending about $500 MORE than the trusty 1999 toyota solara was WORTH, that it was time to put her out to pasture. rest easy, ole girl... 201k miles is nothing to be ashamed of.

so we set out to find her successor and landed on this hot piece of a$$... HOW FUNNY THAT I THINK A TOYOTA CAMRY IS A HOT CAR??? i am old. but srsly, i love this car. suck it, infinitis and audis! my heart belongs to this 2007 dream, tentatively named (by hunter, of course), THE SPIDEY MOBILE:

HEE woot!

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Pickles and Dimes said...

It IS a beauty! Love the red.

Only 17 more days to go?!? Holy cow!