Wednesday, June 24, 2009

wish you were here...

today marks two big milestones in my life. the subject of this post applies to both and i can represent both of them in the following ridiculous picture.

1) today marks fourteen years since my father was killed in a motorcycle accident (that was his own fault, by the way, but i digress.). six weeks after the accident, twenty-year-old me had the above ridiculous tattoo inked on me for life. the sentiment is awesome, the tattoo? not so much. it's a harley davidson bar and shield (my dad's true love was his bike) with his date of birth, name and date of death.

2) the tattoo is now stretched across my once-upon-a-time-probably-back-when-i-WAS-20-flat-belly that is now gloriously THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS PREGNANT.

i wish my dad was here and i wish bean was here. and a flat belly afterwards wouldn't be so bad either.

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