Saturday, November 21, 2009

ok, how about meals?

but first, olivia.

her daycare had a PLAY the other night. A PLAY. she was a squirrel. and i am not kidding. my four month old was a squirrel in her school play. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and mama forgot the camera. idiot.

my friend's daughter is in the same daycare (she was an indian) so she took pics for me. anyway, olivia also got her first "report card" and we got artwork she made. AHHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE IT. she thumb-painted apples on an apple tree. i cannot take it.

ok, so i made a delightful HEALTHY meal tonight. like, whoa. it was lemon chicken and broccoli over garlic couscous. so good.

made even better by my ginormo glass of beaujolais nouveau. ohhhhh i love this time of year.




Swistle said...

She was a SQUIRREL????? No, I can't stand it, either.

Lindsay said...

Sorry, I know this is random, but randomly ran across your blog whilst browsing around on the internetz. I laughed at the squirrel thing. Awesome. Cute cute family.

That is all.