Wednesday, November 18, 2009

things i need to blog about...

  • olivia.
  • cleaning my stupid house.
  • organization, or rather, my lack thereof and how it's slowly, but definitely driving my husband out of his fool mind.
  • meal planning.
  • thanksgiving.
i can address some of this now. let's see... how about OLIVIA?! i am turning into one of those baby-crazed moms and i guess i have to get on board with the fact that this will mostly likely just be a mommy blog now. hey, whatever. i love her. and you know what else i love? BOWS.


i'm lucky in that olivia is pretty good about bows and cute hats. she generally keeps them on without protest and that is a huge win for me. especially since the other day she was in her swing and fussing and i was ignoring her because she always makes her little eh, eh, eh noises just before she falls asleep. well, i happen to glance over and this is what i see:


NO WONDER SHE WAS FUSSING!! so i did what any responsible parent would do... i laughed so hard i almost choked and then took a picture. of course, i took the headband off after that. poor bean!!

1 comment:

Swistle said...

Yes, YES, I remember that! Or it would be across her tiny mouth, like a GAG!