Thursday, February 11, 2010

makin over our mudroom...

i always want to post and i always forget. but i'm going to hold myself to posting about this project. DAMN IT. of course, it would be best to start with pictures of our current mudroom so you can see the makeover from start to finish, but i don't have any so this is whatcha get. it's this or no post. and i want to post more so COME ON.

my inspiration is this droooooooooooooooooooolly samantha set from pottery barn:

but in black. but it's a little out of my price range, unfortunately at $560 for the bench and shelf (no cushion or baskets included). so i did a little research and found this set from overstock for a total of $210 (no cushions or baskets included here either):

so this is what we're going with. i'm not sure i'll get a seat cushion for now, but i'll definitely score some baskets probably at the christmas tree shop or something. i'm also moving our desk down there, and getting some hanging mail organizers and some hooks down low for olivia's stuff (i know. she's a baby. but just yesterday she was five days old in the nicu on a feeding tube and now she's seven months old, 18 pounds and eating me out of house and home. she'll be a big girl by next week.) and an area rug.

i'm also thinking of getting a chalkboard, too, to write miscellaneous notes, but we'll see how much space i have. OH! and a new mat to wipe feet and a big basket for shoes.

i am on a mission to get a FEW projects done in this house this year! this is the first one, painting our front door and getting THAT entryway done is next!

stay tuned... or don't. i wouldn't trust me because i'm the worst updater ever. but i'll try!!!


January said...

Sounds like it will look great. I'd do a dry erase board instead of chalk. Cleaner and less dust for those asthma people in your house. You're talking about the area when you come in from the garage, right?

stephanie said...

Yep, that's the room I'm talking about. I'm eyeing entryway furniture, too, since GUESTS only use the front entrance, but we usually use the garage entrance every single day, so it's gotta come first.