Friday, February 12, 2010

my girl and her naked feet

olivia has never met a sock she couldn't houdini her way out of. and her feet... they are positively EDIBLE, but it's 25 degrees outside and well, she really needs those pigs covered.

i've tried every kind of sock imaginable... even the kind with a velcro strap on the ankle to keep them snug and NO DICE. i've tried robeez. no luck.

so we've pulled out the big guns. (no, not duct tape, but so help me that is NEXT)...

she should be the proud little owner of these cutie shoes by next weekend:


courtesy of our new bffs at pediped! to be honest, i liked this pair a lot more because of the darker brown, but hey. i'm on a budget, people.

cross your fingers that this does the trick.

1 comment:

Danse said...

Oh the cuteness! I can't take it!