Tuesday, April 13, 2010

oh hey, no wonder i'm crazy.

i'm trying to do a lot of "new" things at once. and i just realized it. i'll share them with you, but don't laugh because these are new to me. and they may seem like habit or obvious to you, but they aren't to me so CUT ME SOME SLACK.

  1. flossing every day. i know, gross. i never have flossed and i've always thought it was no big deal. when i was pregnant, the dentist started to make a big deal about it. i still didn't listen. my nephew shamed me (he's 8 and an avid flosser) and i only made a half-assed effort that lasted like four days. but about a month ago my gums started to hurt. HURT. and the idea of flossing still made me cringe because flossing HURTS. i know, i know. do it for a week and it won't hurt or bleed and your gums will feel better. OK, OK! well, i did. and i almost cried it hurt so much. tom bought me some satin floss and it's much better. i am PROUD to say i've been flossing every single day for a full month and i think i'm officially IN THE HABIT! i cannot WAIT for my six month checkup! HOLLA!
  2. exercising. i feel so disgusting. none of my pre-livie clothes really fit me still. i'm only four pounds over the weight i was when i got pregnant, but there was a lot of stress and woe leading up to that pregnancy and let's just say... i ate myself through it. so yeah. i have about 14 total pounds to go to feel like myself again. i started the 30 day shred last week and i'm COMMITTED!
  3. weight watchers. i am a lifetime member, did you know that? i am! i'm a pathetic lifetime member. back on the wagon for about a month now and failing miserably because i haven't recorded a single point. i KNOW i need to do it. i'm still not doing it.
  4. cooking ww friendly meals and purchasing healthier food in general for my family. my daughter eats all organic. i examine every ingredient in everything i feed her. low sugar, few or no preservatives, no pesticides... and tom and i eat garbage. i need to BE a good role model of healthy eating to her. started yesterday and i've planned out and bought meals for a full week. and i'm taking a muti-vitamin finally.
  5. packing lunches for my husband. yeah, i'm not there yet. i bought him a super cute bento box. olivia has one, too. i am hopeful, when it gets here, that i will be able to make lunches.
  6. straightening my hair at least twice a week. BIG, FAT FAIL. (see photo below for horrifying proof. ON EASTER.)
  7. baptising olivia. working on it. what? she's not even a year yet. calm yourselves!
  8. work harder. ugh.
  9. be more organized. DOUBLE UGH.
  10. cleaner house. HIRING A CLEANING LADY.

livie, i hope you have straight hair.

i could go on. i could. i could seriously go on, but i have two overdue thank you notes to write and prescription reimbursements to submit and a conference call to dial into and breakfast to eat (nonfat greek yogurt with berries and honey!) and some yobaby yogurt meals to return to stop and shop because they expired on april THIRD and i bought them YESTERDAY.... yawn.

also? you better appreciate all the time and effort i put into linking the hell out of this post! ;)


Pickles and Dimes said...

I do appreciate this post! :)

Your hair looks wonderful in that photo - you must have natural curls. Ahhh...wish I did! Also, you look fantastic.

I kind of want to get myself a bento lunchbox - they look so cute!

Danse said...

Okay, I'm with ya on a lot of those points, but I have to agree that your non straight hair looks good! I wish mine looked that good doing its' thing. Also - we can go for a baby jog if you ever want ;o)

PS, I hope you like this lame comment b/c apparently I can't read since it's taken me THREE times to type in the word verification.

S said...

I could not live with out satin floss.
I have that cardigan! It's super cute. ON is the best!

Anonymous said...

You go Steph! You should be so proud of yourself! Yay for floss and eating healthy and feeling good about yourself! LOVE your hair and that pic of you and Livie is just gorgeous.