Tuesday, April 20, 2010


she's starting to get independent. ALREADY. i'm supposed to be all happy and proud about this, aren't i? i feel like she'll be leaving for college TOMORROW. sigh.

she wants to feed herself now. spoon feeding by mama equals spitting! AND i KNOW i should be happy about THIS one, but i'm sad. tom and i are both so sad...

she wants to put herself to sleep. no rocking required OR WANTED. she writhes around like a very tiny but very strong alligator until you give up and lay her down with her blankie.

then she promptly rolls onto her belly, grabs her blankie and says, "THANK FREAKIN GOD. I NEED SOME SPACE, PEOPLE!" and falls asleep.


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Anonymous said...

My baby wants no part of me feeding her either. They grow up too fast! I never realized that spoon feeding was so short lived. :(