Friday, April 16, 2010


we had olivia's nine month well visit this afternoon and everything looks GOOD!

height: 27 3/4 inches which is WEIRD because that means she's only grown 1/2 inch in three months. dropped from 92nd percentile to 60th for height. maybe she's just accepting her fate as a shorty.

weight: 19lbs 11oz. up three pounds in three months!! my girl loves to eat. it's so obvious that we started solids at six months! 60th percentile for weight.

head: 17 3/4 inches and all I know is that the pedi said it's growing nicely which means so is her brain. so. that's reassuring. haha!

the pedi thinks she will probably skip crawling altogether since she is very, VERY uninterested in being on her belly even long enough to get her knees under her. she's apparently got great muscle tone in her legs and is MUCH happier standing. not that she stands on her own. or pull to sitting on her own. but when you stand her up, she's in heaven. she's just so happy sitting wherever you put her with whatever toys are around. no toys within reach? no problem, she's got feet! no, not to carry her to an out of reach toy. to PLAY with!

she'll get to moving. and when she does, i'll be cursing that i ever wanted to rush it along. :)

and we got the ok to start cheese!

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