Saturday, June 26, 2010

a few olivia tidbits

  • she threw a fit this morning. a full out FIT because her milk was too warm. i think? i mean, it's the same temp they give her at daycare, but usually she has room temp at home. i disrupted the routine of the princess by warming her milk. HOW DARE I?
  • she points to things now: the cats, her binky, her bottle, the tv. cuteness.
  • her hair is turning the slightest shade of auburn and i couldn't love it more. it's the teeniest little verification that yes, she's actually related to me. her little hint of donohue shining through.
  • she can crawl up the stairs. all by herself!
  • she still takes a good, long morning nap. which is why i can handle point one.

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