Tuesday, July 06, 2010

wait, that was a YEAR?!?!

my sweet girl is one year old today. ONE.
i am too exhausted to talk about it but believe me. there is much to say.
a few quick notes:
she is almost switched over to cow's milk.
she is cruising along furniture so fast that it's only a short matter of time before IT'S ON.
she waves hi and bye bye.
she can feed herself (sippy, bottle and hand feeding. no utensils yet!)
the only "baby" food she has now is fruit mixed with her morning oatmeal. everything else is table food.
she loves veggie burgers.
she also loves herself some MEAT: deli turkey, ground turkey, seasoned chicken.
she has four teeth. two top fronts just busted through this week.
she is on the cusp of needing tubes for her ears. sigh.
she started in the "first steps" room at daycare today. BIG KID!
she loves the water. her tub time is golden.
oh cheerios. her kingdom for a cheerio.
she currently hates cheese. i KNOW. HOW is she related to me???
she now pulls her bows out and tries to re-place them on her head herself.
she also "brushes" her hair.
speaking of, we've got some hair now!
she loves her "kee kees" so much (the cats).
they? notsomuch on the loving her.
she loves books. reading them, eating them.
she gathers all her tub toys and places them in a bucket and then dumps them out. over and over.
she loves balloons.
she laughs the biggest and best laughs i have ever heard.
she hugs us now.
she sleeps on her belly, cuddling her blankie and sticks her little butt up in the air.
she makes life better every day than i ever, EVER thought it could be.

happy first birthday, my miracle. daddy and i love you AS BIG AS THE SKY.


Pickles and Dimes said...

She is such a cutie! Happy birthday, Olivia!

Danse said...

Who is that big girl? She's so cute and cruising through those milestones! Happy birthday, Olivia!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Aren't the hugs AWESOME!