Friday, July 16, 2010

things i don't want to forget

  • olivia stood up all by herself without holding on to anything two days ago and has been doing it more and more every day! i think walking isn't too far off!
  • tonight she fed herself some yogurt from a bowl WITH A SPOON!!!
  • she can sign "more" and "all done"
  • she points to the kitties and whispers "kee kee kee kee"
  • i caved and did a version of sleep training.
she was just writhing around in the glider not falling asleep for hours and it had to stop. neither of us was enjoying it anymore, so i did our normal routine (bath, book, bottle) then rocked her for five minutes and put her in her crib. she immediately stood up and cried, so i'd lay her back down, rub her hair (or pat her back if she rolled over) for a minute and say goodnight and leave.

wait three minutes, go back in, wipe the tears, lay her down, rub her hair or her back, say goodnight and leave.

the first two nights i had to go in three times and the second night she wailed so much i thought she would throw up and *i* cried. but it's gotten easier and tonight, i just finished the bottle, gave her a cuddle and put her right to bed. she rolled over and snuggled her blankie and closed her eyes.

it's like a freakin miracle!

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