Friday, July 09, 2010

12 month debrief

liverbeans had her 12-month well-visit yesterday and she is right on track for growth and development! phew. we kept her safe for one whole year. only a lifetime to go!

stats for those who care about such things:

height: 29 3/4 inches 70th percentile (grew two inches since her nine month appointment)
weight: 21 lbs 15 oz 65th percentile (gained to pounds since her nine month appointment)

right where they want her to be.

she also had some SUPER AWESOME shots. ugh. the WORST.

MMR (was a bitch), hep a and one other i can't remember off the top of my head. after that, she had to get a lead test which involves pricking a finger and SQEEZING MASS AMOUNTS of blood out of it while she sat on my lap wailing and reaching out for her daddy, tears and sweat drenching her and me.

as soon as she saw the hello kitty band-aid on her finger, though, she was like OOOOH! and commenced to chewing on it. when we got home, she was clapping in her high chair and started to cry... her little bruised finger hurt when she clapped!

poor beaniepants.

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Danse said...

Poor girl! Ugh, that does NOT sound fun. At all.