Wednesday, November 10, 2010

holiday card time!

we had olivia's photos taken a few weeks ago and i now have them in my hands... mwa, ha, haaaaaaaaaaa! which means, YAY! time to create our holiday card!! i had such a blast doing this last year (the quality was fantastic) and am excited to head back over to shutterfly for this year's designs!

have you SEEN the selection of holiday cards this year? i'm seriously giddy over these. i've already mocked up about ten different cards. it was SO difficult to choose; i can't wait to send out our favorite design!

and i'm hoping my sister-in-law hooks us up with another wall calendar at christmas... it's become a bit of a tradition and i love having them to look at throughout the year. i love seeing how olivia's grown over the past year.

and sigh... check out these christmas invitations... now if i can only find the time to host a party...

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1 comment:

Danse said...

Oooh, nice hint at the holiday calendar ;o)

I just bought the outfits yesterday for the holiday card (and fuzzy white pom pom boots!). I want to get it done NOW, but I'm trying to convince the husband to drag up the tree.