Monday, November 08, 2010

miss olivia has some things she'd like to share...

  1. she's 16 months old!!! and freakin hilarious. she loves to gather objects in anything she can get her hands on... her halloween pumpkin, my LV clutch (which makes her daddy very nervous for her future taste in brands), shopping bags, shoe boxes... you name it, she's collecting.
  2. she was baptised yesterday (and i cannot WAIT to show pictures. she was so adorable in her puffy white dress, i can't even take it. CANNOT!).
  3. she's having surgery to put tubes in her ears in a couple of weeks. boo. but we think it's the best option at this point for her poor sweet ears.
  4. she's going to be a big sister in may. ;)

olivia would like to introduce her little brother or sister, affectionately known as "carlos" (hello, hangover fans) due to arrive on may 18, 2011.
olivia is VERY excited.


Swistle said...

This is such wonderful news! Happy happy happy day!

Jen said...

personally, I'm a little jealous of the tubes. 34 and STILL getting ear infections. get the tubes!!