Saturday, November 20, 2010

lotsa stuff!

my poor little bean had tubes put in her ears yesterday. we had a rough morning and afternoon due to a pesky fever, but nothing a little motrin/tylenol couldn't wipe out. she's back to her old, crazy self today!

as is evidenced by the following photo. can i just say what a TROOPER my nephew is? he's nine and SO OVER going to see santa at the freaking mall, but he put up with it in an attempt to show olivia it was AWESOME AND COOL to get a picture with santa.

let's see how that all turned out:

she loved it. obvs. i can't stop laughing. over that OR this:

hunter had a little girlfriend (IN THIRD GRADE) and she broke up with him in the EVENT that justin beiber should show interest in her.

other cool things about olivia bean:

  • she dances and points her finger
  • she does the whole "i've got my eye on you" gesture with pointing to her eyes then your eyes and back again
  • a new tooth! little jack-o-lantern
  • has an "innocent" heart murmur. wtf? also, boo.
  • says hi! bye! and ba-pa ba-pa (backpack! backpack!)
  • keeps her shit together better for surgery than either of her parents.

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