Sunday, November 21, 2010

more olivia

parent/teacher conferences were last week at olivia's school. i want to write this down so i don't forget (meaning so when i get around to FINALLY updating her baby book, i'll have this all in one place):

11/19/10 teacher comments:

olivia has given us such joy of the past months in our first steps classroom. it has been so much fun to watch her learn and watch her personality develop. olivia loves to help and tries to help wash the table , throw trash out or put toys away. she is always eager to try new sensory experiences, and her fine motor skills have really strengthened as she's enjoyed coloring with crayons and markers. she is growing into a very sweet, energetic toddler and we look forward to watching her master more new skills!

stuff she does:

  • attempts new words (yeah, well, when you only have like four words, this is good)
  • follows simple directions
  • tries to sing
  • waves and says bye-bye (she's just waving at this point. no bye-byes yet)
  • points to named objects
  • points to body parts (head, hair, ears, eyes, nose, mouth, belly, hands and feet)
  • responds to "look" and "no" (um, what do you mean by RESPONDS? because when we say "no" she laughs and continues on her merry way. i guess that is a response.)
  • puts simple puzzles together
  • looks at pictures during story (girlfriend LOVES books. she will sit still for 10 books)
  • shows hand preference (righty. boo.)
  • builds block towers (and immediately smashes them with a fiendish laugh)
  • enjoys new tactile experiences
  • marks with crayon, marker or paintbrush
  • responds to music (yeah, that's an understatement)
  • marches and uses rhythm instruments
  • sings along w/ adults (i have got to get this on video)
  • recognizes loud and soft sounds (well until recently, it was only loud sounds, but i hope the tubes change this!)
  • holds crayon/marker in fist
  • eats with a spoon/fork (both)
  • climbs (oh this is BRAND new... she can climb onto the couch. when will she escape from her crib? NEVER I HOPE)
  • kneels
  • kicks and rolls a ball (she loves balls. kicking is her fave. much to the delight of her soccer-obsessed father)
  • stoops to pick up objects
  • walks up and down stairs holding hands (i've never seen her walk downstairs even holding hands, but if school says she can, i will buy it)
  • imitates adult actions (she copies our bedtime routing with her baby doll)
  • carries and hugs doll or stuffed animal (baby and biggie, her pug, are the LOVES of her life. they get hugs, kisses, wrapped in blankies, naps, baths...)
  • shows empathy (hugs crying friends)
  • shows desire to help adults (loves to help clean up)
  • recognizes animals (show me the dog, the pig, the cat, the duck)
  • makes animal sounds (she can roar like a lion or dinosaur and moo so far. HEY I'M WORKING ON IT)
  • plays with water
  • smells flowers (this is new and SO FREAKIN CUTE)
  • watches shadows
  • attempts to put shoes on (and socks)
  • pulls pants up (she TRIES)
  • puts on hat (sometimes)
  • feeds self
  • throws trash away (if asked)
  • knows own cubby (OMG, HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?)
  • acknowledges new visitors in classroom (probably by crying and running for her teacher)
  • finds self in mirro or picture
stuff she's NOT doing yet:

  • speaks words clearly (there are a few)
  • uses two word phrases (i guess signing "more, please" doesn't count)
  • names items while pointing (are we seeing the trend here?)
  • recognizes own artwork

smartie pants! or is it smarty?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment Steph, yeah she's got some wild hair! Look at all that Olivia can do! OMG. She's so intelligent. Watch out Mensa!