Wednesday, April 20, 2011

almost time!

36 weeks today.

as ready as i am to meet this bean, this pregnancy has FLOWN by for me. i've been pregnant since AUGUST but it doesn't feel so long to me. i guess when you're chasing a crazy toddler around you are distracted. :)

i think we're ready. ish. we have three weeks until my scheduled induction. the room is just about done (missing a rug, but that'll come after we know if it's a boy or girl!), clothes are washed, diapers are stocked, bouncy seat and swing are up from the basement, clean and ready to go... formula is purchased, bottles are washed. i still need a few little things like binkies and nipples for the bottles - those are important, ha!

the double stroller is just WAITING for its second occupant! the carseat is being installed tomorrow. EEEEEE!

and i've gotten THE most important thing... a new, giant diaper bag:

yum. it's the skip hop studio. i can't wait for it to get here!!!

and finally, i am obsessed with smoothies. i ALMOST made tom go out at 9pm tonight to get me one, but thought MAAAAYBE i had some ingredients in the house. all those bags of frozen fruit i tried on olivia turned out NOT to be an epic fail! i made one tonight and it was delicious!

i see many more homemade smoothies in my future. YAY!

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kirida said...

Oh smoothies are the best! I also love that diaper bag. I had a smaller bag this time and instantly regretted it because I had forgotten how much stuff I needed.