Tuesday, April 26, 2011

peepees in the pot-tay!

ok, so not yet. but olivia has started showing a FAREEL interest in the potty. she runs to the bathroom and asks to go potty... she's sat on it quite a bit lately and while she hasn't actually produced anything YET, we're taking it as a good sign.

so we've told daycare to go ahead and start putting her on during the day. EEEEE! of course this all comes 17 days before her younger sibling's scheduled arrival. i'm not expecting big success just due to all the chaos that's about to rock her little world, but i figured if she's interested, i'm not going to hold off. who knows? she's surprised us before!

and oooooh would mommy and daddy be happy to update our budget to only include ONE child in diapers!!! maybe we CAN afford that new minivan. HA.

oh and for anyone who's reading... this is what the first day back to school is like after a long weekend:

but once she remembered that she's now riding in her car seat FORWARD FACING (yes, i finally caved...) she was READY TO GO (the entire car ride i hear, "wheeee! woo hoo! yay!!!!" from her. so cute.):

yep. there are TWO car seats in the back of my car now. insanity!!!

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Heather R. said...

She's getting so big! Love her moo print car seat. :)

I'm a CT Nestie that's been following your blog since you were pregnant with #1. I love reading your posts and gave you an award today: