Wednesday, May 04, 2011

38 weeks. this ride is almost over.

yesterday i had my last regular ob appointment - maybe ever. probably ever. i'm 2cm dilated and the baby is head down and waaaaaay active (tell me something i don't know!). heart rate is in the 140s. my cervix is soft, but still pretty long and omg the internal? YEOUCH. my b/p is great.

they estimate this bean at seven pounds. which is surprising because olivia was 8lbs, 10oz. i know this baby will be born at least four days earlier than her (induction is scheduled for 39w1d and she was born 39w5d), but i can't imagine a seven pound baby. that seems teeny! i'm not complaining; i'm just not getting my hopes up for that. ;)

this is me at 38 weeks pregnant with our beloved "carlos" as tom has been calling him/her since our very first ultrasound:

that looks like a bigger-than-seven-pounds baby, doesn't it? ;)

then i went back through the notes from my pregnancy with olivia. yes, i have notes. shut it. in my opinion, i DEFINITELY look bigger this time. here i am at 38 weeks pregnant with our beloved bean:

and guess what? they estimated olivia at six pounds at my 38 week appointment.

i hope they aren't off by TWO POUNDS this time!

carlos, we cannot wait to meet you. we are all so so so excited to have you join our family. we ask olivia all the time if you are her baby brother or sister. she completely ignores us. please give her a couple of days. i'm sure she'll come around. :) we love you! not long now!!!

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