Tuesday, May 03, 2011

i got da pride in my ride...

ok, so she isn't potty trained. in fact, putting her on the potty at school caused a twenty minute meltdown so we backed away sloooowly. :) she'll only be 22 months on friday, so i'm not pushing her. she still has interest at home on her little bjorn potty chair, so we'll just see where it leads.

in other news... we DID get a new (to us... it's a 2009) minivan! i know we are the biggests dorks around. i know. everyone hates minivans and i'm not even sure why? i mean, are you trying to hide the fact that you have kids? because pssst, everyone KNOWS YOU HAVE THEM. this thing is a freaking family dream. there are nine MILLION storage compartments, seven passenger seating that is a piece of freakin cake to get to... and the third row is a REAL third row. with reclining seats. 60/40 split and still the trunk area even with those seats up? is ENORMOUS. there are 8 cup holders... IN THE FRONT SEATS ALONE. why do *i* need 8 cup holders? whatever! i'll take them!

we're really so happy with it. and olivia thinks it's a fort. she loves to just walk around in it and sit in all the seats. adorbs.

mah swagger wagon. 


Swistle said...

I don't understand minivan hateage, either. It always seems to me like the equivalent of, "Oh, those aren't GUESS jeans? Then you're not cool."

stephanie said...

I can understand people preferring an SUV to a minivan. I mean, that makes sense to me. Sure.

But people HATE on minivans like they're PT CRUISERS OR SOMETHING.

I love it. Am delighted to own it. Am OVER THE MOON to have children and their various THINGS to load it up with. So very over the moon.