Monday, April 09, 2012


i have to say it. I HAVE TO. these kids? SO. FREAKING. CUTE.

but, can i also add? how tired do tom and i look? because whoa. we are so. very. tired. i guess audrey looks a little tired (or pissed) in this picture, too. she is, yet again, fighting a losing battle against her sinuses. the sheer VOLUME of snot that comes out of this child's face has got to be some sort of record. it's like there was a water main break in her nose.


olivia: audrey, i know this photo-taking business is bullshit, but i have a stash of mini eggs in my shoe. just smile so they'll free us.

oh. my. GAH. look at those delicious legs. I LOVE HER.

happy easter, self. (and swistle and sage.) ;)


Swistle said...

OH SUCH CUTE EASTER DRESSES. Easter is one of my favorite holidays (the candy! the bunnies and chicks and spring!), but is one of the times of year I feel a genuine pang about not having TWO girls to put in Easter dresses!

Sage said...

Thanks, and happy easter back 'atcha ;)

You've got a couple of adorable little ladies!