Wednesday, August 30, 2006

he's a brainiac, braaainiac!

today is hunter's first day of kindergarten. i just went down to kindercare and watched him line up with the other kids, all of them with giant half-empty backpacks on, and took a million pictures with my eyes full of tears. i never understood why moms cry at things like this and here i was, just the aunt, and i was crying!! i'm just so proud of melanie and happy for him. he's so big. i can barely believe he's in school. like fareel school. and he was like, "don't cry. i will wear my seat belt, i promise." my mom must be busting with pride. i can just picture her all "jesus, can you hold my ginger ale? i have to tell everyone in heaven that my grandson started kindergarten today. mark! get your bike, it's faster if we drive around the holy kingdom."

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