Thursday, September 28, 2006

are you KIDDING ME?!?!?!

i am sorry christine — you may have to avert your eyes, but i hate comcast right now. my dvr cut off grey's RIGHT at the very end. and anyone who didn't see tonight's episode, please avert YOUR eyes, but RIGHT when mcsteamy was coming out of the bathroom all nekkid!! that's it. i barely got that and no SCENES FROM NEXT WEEK. luckily, i know it's on again tomorrow night, so i'll watch again. mwah ha ha. ok, i feel better now.

the office was so good tonight. i love that jim transferred to stamford. i love jim. i used to love stamford. AND the bus was on tonight! i love him, too. even though i'm not particularly a fan of the steelers. i do love the bus. look at me, knowing even an ounce of football knowledge. who am i?

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