Thursday, October 05, 2006

wow. depressed much??

jeez, sorry for the downer last night. i was so sad. but i'm better today. it comes and goes. sadly, even when it goes, i know it's coming back at some point. but! things to be happy about:
  • it's hunter night tonight! speaking of... he came home from school yesterday with shredded pants. when my sister asked him what happened, he said he fell and ripped them. then a girl from his class totally ratted him out -- "he did NOT fall, he cut them with scissors!!" indeed, he did, as was confirmed by the disappointed note from his teacher. my sister was furious. i said all little kids experiment with scissors. don't all five-year-old girls cut their hair? she said good point, but hair is FREE. true.
  • grey's anatomy, baby!!!!
  • i got free lunch courtesy of work. holla back youngin!

that's all for now. oh yeah, and i MAY get my desk tonight, but i'm not holding my breath. tom does NOT love me, obviously. ;)

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