Thursday, April 15, 2010

messing with me

so, i was going to post yesterday about how stupid i was to even MENTION sleep on here but i was too tired from olivia WAKING UP FOR AN HOUR AT 3AM to do it. sigh.

i need to figure out a new nap schedule, i think. at BWD (beloved work daycare) we had a 40 minute ride to work every morning and she'd nap the whole way there. then she'd take a crapshoot nap at school (anywhere from 20 min to 2 hours) and nap the whole way home.

now that she's at her new place, she's losing both of those car naps and isn't really making it up at daycare yet. that's a lot of sleep to lose, isn't it? almost an hour and a half. do you think she'll figure it out and start consistently taking her second nap at school? she did the whole first week, not not the second and we are paying for it.

she's DYING to go to sleep by the time i pick her up and it's only like 4:30pm. do i let her nap then? and just put her to bed for the night later? she has been going to be at 7pm forever.




Danse said...

Uhm, I don't know. Do you think you can ask her new daycare to give her a little morning snooze first?

If not, she'll probably adjust and sleep longer during her scheduled nap times at DC, it will just be a rough going in the meantime. Or, you could give her a 30 min. nap once you get home? I know, I'm really helpful here.

Jen said...

I just sent a message to Cheryl, asking about her nap routine. she had a book she loved that was all about the theory of sleep routines. hope you don't mind I cc'd you...more importantly, I hope that even some small part of it will help.