Friday, April 16, 2010


i am PROUD, y'all! we have eaten in and HEALTHY all week! tom has even had lunch every single day this week!

in case anyone cares, here was our dinner menu for the week (and olivia's):

US: turkey burgers and pasta primavera salad
OLIVIA: crumbled turkey, ditalini cooked in chicken broth, applesauce

US: (we had a lot of leftover ground turkey) stuffed peppers and salad
OLIVIA: yogurt, peaches, squash, puffs

US: baked potatoes and salad
OLIVIA: green beans, mini pancake, sweet potato and peaches

US: broccoli and cheese stuffed chicken, extra broccoli on side and garlic couscous
OLIVIA: chicken, ditalini cooked in chicken broth, carrots and green beans, yogurt melts

US: spinach lasagna rolls and (you guessed it!) salad
OLIVIA: yogurt, green beans, pears and cheerios

US: chicken francese and hmmmm maybe A SALAD?! or maybe some sugar snap peas and rice
OLIVIA: she loves her some ditalini, so probably more of that, chicken and apples and mangoes OH and maybe she'll finish up the green beans in the fridge. SCORE!

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